Enclosure Shielding

Enclosure Shielding

3G Shielding Specialties, in a bid to assist Electronic Enclosure designers in their EMI Shielding and Environmental Sealing applications, provide an extensive range of conductive EMI Shielding Gaskets. Waveseal product line is composed of Conductive Elastomers, Fabric over Foam, Conductive Foam, Wire Oriented Silicone as well as Combination Mesh materials. Each of them is built to provide excellent environmental sealing under the most severe conditions as well as excellent shielding characteristics when required. Besides the wide range of product profiles and materials that can be considered as standard, we regularly generate special solutions for our customers at a very competitive pricing level.

Many products offered by 3G Shielding aim at providing good EMI RFI shielding for enclosures. In case shielding of the electronics on the component level is not possible, constructing a shielded enclosure will ensure compliance and improve performance. Our range of EMI RFI shielding products prevent the emission of radiofrequencies in or out from an area under protection by sealing specified apertures within enclosure. One of the things that we are proud of is to be a market leader with superior products which ensures maximum returns. Besides, in the entire process of design, manufacture and installation we offer unrivalled product support as well as service to our clients. Before suggesting solutions that will enable our clients to achieve their objective, we aim at understanding them fully.

We have shielded enclosures that aid in the reduction of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). The function of our equipment is to prevent electrical malfunctioning such as data signals that are lost, screens that keeps on blinking and off, radio noises among other effects.

As 3G Shielding, we are a leader in supplying conductive fabric shielding solutions and high-quality EMI gaskets. With our many years of manufacturing experience and robust product line, we have designed products to safeguard your valuable electronic gear from RFI and EMI.

EMI Gasket Solutions:
What is more, we have developed our EMI gaskets in such a way that your electronic enclosures and equipment are protected from electromagnetic interferences by efficient shielding effectiveness. Our EMI gaskets are available in countless sizes, forms and materials to ensure that we meet the requirements of your particular application.

Fabric Shielding Gaskets:
If one talks of fabric shielding gaskets, then 3G Shielding is a brand which he she can trust. Our fabric-over-foam gaskets are a highly effective shielding option – they combine foam’s excellent conductivity with the flexibility of use associated with fabric materials. These gaskets are ideal for places where environmental sealing is required as they offer superior EMI/RFI shielding while delivering a gentle and flexible interface.

These EMI gaskets conduct and are very robustly built for the most challenging shielding requirements for contemporary electronic devices and enclosures. On the other hand, these gaskets have low resistance contact and conduct electricity just because they are made up of high performing conductive materials. Considering the even performance and long life of our conductive EMI gaskets, they deliver the best results in applications when signal integrity is a critical consideration.

Why Choose 3G Shielding?
Unmatched Expertise: Our team of engineers and experts has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the EMI RFI shielding solutions area, this ensures that you receive top quality advice and support for your projects.
Premium Quality: Quality is our first concern and we never compromise on that as well. We manufacture our EMI gaskets and fabric shielding solutions in compliance with, if not above industry standards for guaranteed protection.
Customization Options: We understand that every project is unique. That is why we offer customization services so that you can change the products to suit your unique requirements.
Timely Delivery: We appreciate that time is an important factor in life and timely delivery is our assurance. Our deliveries are always in time.
Exceptional Customer Service: At 3G Shielding, customer satisfaction is given the utmost priority. Our friendly support experts will guide and advise you at any stage, making sure that your differences are as smooth as possible.

Experience the Difference:
To learn how we go about it, please peruse our large selection of EMI gaskets and conductive fabric shielding options below. In an evermore connected world, to safeguard your electronics and stay ahead. If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will assist you in getting the most suitable shielding solution for your specific requirement.

  • Fabric Over Foam

    Waveseal Fabric Over Foam gaskets are a cost effective solution for enclosures requiring a conductive gasket. They provide excellent shielding performance, have excellent abrasion resistance and work very well across a broad compression range.

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  • Conductive Fabric

    Waveseal Conductive Shielding Fabric and Shielding Tape provide an economical solution to applications requiring excellent electrical conductivity across substrates.

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  • Conductive Foam

    Waveseal Conductive Foam is perfect for applications requiring excellent shielding effectiveness and low closure force. Produced in sheet form, the material is versatile and can be fabricated into custom sizes for I/O Panels, Connector Gaskets, and Access Panels.

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  • Conductive PE foam

    Waveseal Conductive PE Foam is perfect for applications requiring excellent shielding effectiveness and low closure force. Produced in sheet form, the material is versatile and can be fabricated into custom sizes for I/O Panels, Connector Gaskets, and Access Panels.

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  • Conductive Elastomer

    Waveseal Conductive Elastomers are developed for applications requiring high shielding performance coupled with excellent environmental sealing. Offered in both Silicone and Fluorosilicone with multiple filler options, our Conductive Elastomers deliver premium flexibility and performance in the harshest of conditions.

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  • Wire Oriented

    Waveseal Wire Oriented Silicone gasket materials are available in solid or sponge silicone impregnated with Monel or Aluminum wire. These materials have an excellent operating temperature range while providing environmental and EMI protection for many applications.

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  • Elastomer Core

    Waveseal Elastomer Core combines the grounding performance of Knitted Wire gaskets with the compression set resistance of Conductive Elastomers while providing cost savings in suitable applications. Typically designed for use in enclosures which are not exposed to the elements, this material provides excellent shielding and grounding when used within a groove under compression.

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  • Combo Strip

    Waveseal Combo Strip is a versatile material for applications requiring excellent EMI shielding and moderate environmental sealing. Provided in six material combinations, this material is used extensively across military, telecommunications, medical, and aerospace markets.

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  • Knitted Wire

    Waveseal Knitted Wire EMI shielding gaskets provide high levels of conductivity at an affordable price point. With many sizes and materials to choose from, Knitted Wire gaskets can be used to ground enclosure seams and joints inside or outside of a groove.

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  • Gore Replacement Products

    3G Shielding Specialties offers a full lineup of Enclosure Shielding as possible replacements to the recently discontinued W.L Gore gaskets.  Now is the time to replace the GS2100, GS5200, and GS8000 materials before they go end of life.

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