Microwave Absorbers - Cavity Resonance

SB047-040 - Cavity Resonance Microwave Absorber

Cavity Resonance Absorbers are typically used in microwave cavity applications to attenuate oscillations, resonant frequencies or harmonics. These materials offer excellent attenuation at normal and high angles of incidence in the 1GHz to 20GHz range. Typically installed against a metallic substrate, Cavity Resonance Absorbers are made from silicone and are available in sheet stock or as application specific solutions.


[...] = OPTIONAL

(-01) 24" x 24" (609mm x 609mm)

(-02) 12" x 24" (305mm x 609mm)

(-03) 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm)

[-A] Add -A for PSA backing

Material: Silicone
Color: Dark Grey
Thickness: 0.040" (1.02 mm)
Adhesive: 0.005" (0.13 mm)
Temp Range: -60°F to 375°F
(-51°C to 190°C)
RoHS Compliant
Contains no halogens