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Enclosure Shielding - SMT Grounding Pad

Since 1994, 3G has been providing shielding solutions for the most demanding applications. From simple Flex shields that have the best shielding effectiveness in the industry to 100 cavity plus Multizone shields or Hybrid shields that work at 5G frequencies, 3G has always innovated new techniques for shielding.

3G is now pleased to offer SMT Grounding Pads. SMT Grounding Pads are commonly used as a grounding contact on PCBs throughtout the electronics industry. Providing reliable grounding and shielding performance in challenging conditions the pads are delivered in tape-and-reel packaging for automated placement with standard SMT equipment. Comprised of a non-conductive hollow silicone core wrapped in a Ni-C loaded conductive silicone shell these pads are laminated with a solderable Nickel Alloy 201 strip for easy reflow.

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